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At King Living, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional furniture to customers around the world. Whether you're relocating to another country or simply have your heart set on a King Living piece for your overseas home, our team of experts can help arrange international shipping. 

Steps to enquire about International Shipping:

  1. Submit a Request Form: To begin the process of arranging international shipping for your King Living furniture, please fill out our online request form here. This will provide our team with the necessary information to assess your shipping needs and provide a quote.
  2. Contact Your Nearest King Showroom: For additional assistance, personalised service, and further information about international shipping, we recommend getting in touch with your nearest King Living Showroom here.
  3. Receive a Quote and Shipping Details: After submitting your request or contacting your nearest showroom, our team will provide you with a shipping quote and further information about the international shipping process. This includes details on shipping times, delivery methods, and any customs or import duties that may apply.
  4. Confirm Your Shipping and Order Details: Once you have received your shipping quote and are satisfied with the provided information, you can confirm your shipping details and finalize your King Living order. Our team will then work diligently to ensure your furniture is delivered safely and efficiently to your international destination.

At King Living, we are committed to providing our high-quality furniture to customers worldwide. By submitting an international shipping request and contacting your nearest King Showroom, you can bring the elegance and comfort of King Living into your home, no matter where you are located.

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