How King Living Honors Your Warranty Claim

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Here’s a breakdown of how we manage your warranty claim:

1. Assessing the Validity of Your Claim

  • Initial Review: When you contact us with a warranty claim, our team first assesses its validity. This process involves reviewing your claim against the warranty terms and conditions.
  • Documentation: You may be required to provide proof of purchase or other documentation to support your claim.

2. Resolving the Claim

  • Product Replacement or Repair: If your claim is valid, we offer several resolutions. Depending on the nature of the defect, we may replace the product or repair it. In cases where a repair or replacement is not feasible, we might cover the costs associated with these solutions.
  • Ownership Transfer: It's important to note that if a product or component is replaced, the new item becomes your property, while the old item reverts to King Living.

3. Special Considerations for Electronics and Motion Components

  • Recliner Electronics and Motion Components: Warranty claims involving recliner electronics and motion components are handled with special care. We will either replace the faulty part, repair it, or cover the costs of replacement or repair. In some cases, a refund might be provided, in which case the returned component must be given back to King Living.

4. Color and Texture Variations

  • Component Replacement: Please be aware that any components replaced under warranty might exhibit slight color and texture differences compared to the original parts. These variations, while noticeable, do not constitute defects and are often unavoidable due to material batches and aging.

5. Scope of Warranty Coverage

  • Component-Based Coverage: Our warranty specifically covers the defective component in question, rather than the entire product. This focused approach ensures that we address the specific issue directly and effectively.

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