Understanding Rug Pile and Pile Heights

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When it comes to choosing a rug for your space, there's more to consider than just color, pattern, and material. One of the critical factors that often gets overlooked is the pile height. Pile height can significantly influence the look, feel, and longevity of your carpet. 

What is Rug Pile?

Rug pile refers to the density and height of the fibers that make up the carpet's surface. It's essentially the soft part of the carpet that you walk on. Pile heights can vary, and they are typically categorized as:

  • Low Pile: Shorter fibers, giving a more compact and flat appearance.
  • Medium Pile: Moderate fiber length, offering a balance between softness and durability.
  • High Pile: Longer fibers, providing a plush and luxurious feel.

Why Does Pile Height Matter?

  1. Durability: Rugs with shorter pile heights tend to last longer than those with longer piles. The compact nature of short pile means there's less chance of the fibers getting caught on objects, being pulled at, or becoming frayed over time.

  2. Maintenance: Short pile rugs are generally easier to clean. They are less likely to accumulate dirt, retain stains, or harbor allergens. The tight weave ensures that dirt stays on the surface, making vacuuming more effective.

  3. Aesthetics: The pile height can influence the overall look of a room. While high pile rugs can add a touch of luxury and coziness, low pile rugs offer a sleek and modern appearance.

  4. Comfort: High pile rugs are soft and cushiony, making them perfect for spaces where you want to lounge, like bedrooms or living rooms. On the other hand, low pile rugs might be more suitable for high traffic areas due to their durability.

  5. Safety: In areas where there's a lot of movement or where children and the elderly frequent, a low pile rug can be safer. There's less chance of tripping or getting a foot caught in the fibers. 

King Living Rugs: Pile Heights Measured in mm

Rug name  Pile Height 
Esperance  Flat Weave 
Grampians  3-4 mm
Lillico  Flat Weave 
Tullah  Low Pile 9-10mm, High Pile 19-20 mm
Bilpin  Flat Weave 
Bundeena  Flat Weave 
Bruny  9-10 mm
Hawkesbury  4-5 mm
Antipodes  7-9 mm
Avalon Flat Weave 
Bicheno  7-9 mm
Bronte  7-9 mm
Derwent  8-10 mm
Marion  8-10 mm
Marquina  7-9 mm
Nomad  15-25 mm
Oceania  7-9 mm
Patina  7-9 mm
Scarborough  8-10 mm
Waterfall  7-9 mm
Gambit Check  25-35 mm

Making the Right Choice

While the durability and ease of maintenance associated with short pile rugs, such as the artisan pile rug height, are undeniable, the choice ultimately comes down to personal preference and the specific needs of a space. It's essential to consider the room's purpose, the amount of foot traffic it receives, and the desired aesthetics.

Pile height does matter when choosing a rug. By understanding the implications of different pile heights, you can make an informed decision that combines functionality with style, ensuring that your chosen carpet or rug not only looks great but also stands the test of time.

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