Lume Smart Light: Easy-to-Integrate Accessory for Your Furniture

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Elevate your living space with King Living's Lume Smart Light, an intuitively designed accessory that seamlessly blends with your furniture to offer soft, ambient light.  

Perfect Compatibility

The Lume Smart Light is compatible with sofas and beds equipped with Smart Pockets, as well as select smart desks. Thanks to the smart bracket, connection is a breeze, allowing you to easily install and start using your Lume Smart Light in no time.

Timber Finishes

The light comes in signature timber finishes, allowing you to choose a finish that best suits your interior decor and personal style.

Sensor Technology

Featuring an optical and infrared sensor, the Lume Smart Light is capable of detecting movement from as far as 150mm away. Its touchless gesture control for lighting and dimming ensures ease of use and gives you full control over your lighting environment.

Your Preferences

With the light level memory function, you can set your desired brightness, and the Lume Smart Light will remember your settings, ensuring your lighting preferences are always met.

Comfortable Lighting

The Lume Smart Light features an opal diffuser that reduces glare, providing a visually comfortable light environment. It gradually brightens and fades when powered on and off, allowing your eyes to adjust and reducing eye strain.

Adjustable to Your Needs

You can effortlessly adjust the Lume light head and base to your desired position. With a 360° rotation and 90° pivot for the light head and a 360° rotation and 85° pivot for the light base, you can direct the light exactly where you need it.

Universal Transformer Included

The Lume Smart Light comes with a universal transformer, ensuring it can be used in any location.

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