What Materials are Used Inside King Living Sofa Cushions?

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King Living sofa cushions are a blend of natural feathers, high-resilience foams, and innovative KingCell® Pocket Springs, each chosen for its contribution to comfort, health benefits, and durability. This combination ensures that our cushions stand out in terms of comfort and quality.

Here's a closer look at the materials used inside our sofa cushions:

  1. Feathers

  2. We use a carefully selected soft feather blend for added comfort and a welcoming, casual look. Preferred by customers with allergies or sensitivities to chemicals, these feathers are thoroughly cleaned with non-toxic agents, adhering to strict, government-certified standards. The soft feather blend is malleable, molding to the body's shape for personalized comfort.

  4. Foams

  5. Our cushions incorporate layers of open-cell Polyurethane and high-resilience foams of different densities and hardness. These CFC-free foams are particularly beneficial for those sensitive to allergens, as they help reduce exposure to dust mites.

  8. Back Cushion Fillings

  9. We offer varied filling options for back cushions to cater to different comfort preferences. Choices include 100% feather for traditional and plush softness, a mix of 34% feather and 66% Ultra Down for a balanced comfort, and 100% Ultra Down for consistent, consistent softness and support.

  11. KingCell® Pocket Springs

  12. Depending on the cushion design, King Living incorporates KingCell® Pocket Springs. These springs are designed for lasting support and durability, ensuring that cushions maintain their shape and comfort over time.

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