What are the benefits of KingGuard?

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If you've chosen to have KingGuard applied to your furniture, the fabric is treated during the manufacturing stage.

The primary advantages of KingGuard encompass:

  • Provides protection against water, oil, alcohol, UV absorption, soiling, and staining
  • Prevents the growth of microbes, safeguarding the fabric and creating a healthier, safer environment for your family
  • Features a non-toxic, water-based, odourless formula
  • Recognized by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice program
  • Maintains the fabric's breathability and offers UV protection
  • Provides consistent protection that lasts between 12-18 months (will gradually diminish over time)

Care Tip: Regular cleaning will help prolong the effectiveness of the KingGuard treatment. Reapplication can be performed in your home as needed.

For a professional in-home cleaning quote for all King soft furnishings, including leather furniture and rugs, click here.

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