How does TouchGlide Technology work?

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TouchGlide® technology, revolutionizes the way you interact with your furniture, particularly with the King Cloud V and Nimbus V models. This innovative technology provides a user-friendly, customizable way to interact with your furniture, ensuring that you can easily adjust your seating to match your comfort preferences at any moment. Here's how it works:

Intuitive Control

TouchGlide® integrates seamlessly into the furniture, featuring buttons that are subtly positioned for easy access. These buttons respond to touch and slide actions, enabling precise control over the furniture's mechanical adjustments.


Adjustment Mechanism

By simply touching and sliding these buttons, you can adjust the positions of the backrests, headrests, and footrests. This mechanism allows for smooth reclining and alteration of the furniture to fit your desired comfort angle and position.


Customization and Memory Function

One of the standout features of TouchGlide® technology is the ability to save your preferred settings. Once you find the perfect position that offers you maximum comfort, you can save it. This means that you can easily return to your preferred setting without having to readjust each time.


Easy to Use

The technology is designed for ease of use, ensuring that comfort is just a gentle touch away. Whether you need to recline, adjust the headrest for reading, or extend the footrest, TouchGlide® makes these adjustments effortless.


Quick Reset

TouchGlide® offers a quick reset feature. By sliding the buttons on the right-hand side, you can return the sofa to its original, upright position with ease, making it convenient to stand up or adjust the sofa for other activities.


Watch the video below to see TouchGlide® technology in action, and experience a new standard of comfort today.





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