What makes King Living products so unique?

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At King Living, our products stand out in the world of furniture design due to their innovative construction, exceptional design features, and the way they adapt to your home. We take pride in our unique approach, which ultimately provides a range of benefits to our customers. 

Transparent Design Philosophy

We prioritise honesty and transparency in our furniture design process. Unlike traditional furniture makers, we design our products from the inside-out. This approach allows us to create high-quality furniture that is built to last.

Durable Steel Frame Construction

The foundation of our furniture lies in the robust steel frames that provide exceptional durability and support. This construction ensures that our products withstand the test of time, making them a lifetime investment. Our King Living steel frame is backed by our 25-year warranty.

Removable Tailored Covers

To add to the convenience factor, our sofas come with removable covers. Whether you want to update your style, clean the covers, or replace them entirely, you can do so without professional assistance or having to buy a new sofa.

Our removable covers not only enhance the aesthetics of our furniture but also allow customers to see inside the product. This feature ensures that you know exactly what you're getting, and it also enables easy maintenance and customization of your furniture.

True Modularity 

King Living modular design principles enable the creation of versatile and adaptable furniture by incorporating interchangeable parts that can be easily customized, repaired, or repurposed. 

In particular, modular sofa designs present a multitude of benefits, as they provide unmatched flexibility in configuring and reorganizing your living space. With King Living's innovative modular designs, you can enjoy a truly customized home environment that adapts to your changing preferences or expanding family needs. 

Superior comfort 

Quality and durability form the backbone of our furniture products. King Living sofas are built with an engineered steel frame and Postureflex® suspension system, guaranteeing long-lasting comfort and resilience. Our KingCell seating system, which consists of several specially designed foam layers surrounding a core of pocket springs, ensures that your sofa maintains a relaxed, lived-in aesthetic over time.

King Living's unique approach to design and construction sets us apart from our competitors, offering customers a truly transparent, durable, and adaptable furniture experience.



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