Do I need a WeatherGuard cover to protect my Outdoor furniture?

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King Living Outdoor furniture is engineered to be resilient and endure a range of weather conditions. Yet, to extend your outdoor furniture's lifespan and preserve its pristine appearance, we highly recommend using a WeatherGuard™ Cover.

King Living WeatherGuard™ Covers are not your typical outdoor covers. They are specifically designed to shield your outdoor furniture from severe weather, and they are effortless to fit and store when not needed.

Advantages of WeatherGuard™ Covers

  • Tailored to resist harsh weather conditions
  • Exceptionally lightweight material (70gsm), facilitating easy fitting
  • Outstandingly high strength-to-weight ratio
  • Advanced cover material and breathable panels promote air circulation, preventing mould and mildew
  • UV tested to resist fading
  • Securing clip guarantees covers stay in place even in high winds
  • Can be easily folded and stored

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