Solving Charging Issues with Your Smart Table

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The Smart Charge table offers a wireless charging station right at your fingertips, provided your mobile phone is QI compatible and software is up to date.

If your mobile device doesn't charge when placed on the Smart Charge Table, follow these steps:

1. Check if your device supports wireless charging. If your device is Qi-enabled, it will be compatible with the charging tables.

2. Ensure that your phone software is up to date with the latest version. Always restart your device to ensure that updates are completed. If you don't restart your device, the software changes may not update. (iPhone 12 has been known to have this issue).

3. If your phone is still not charging:

4. Check all connection points to the power supply.

5. The red indicator light turns on for 2 seconds when the table is first powered on, to help you locate the ideal spot on the surface for charging.

6. Keep the device on the table for at least 2 seconds for wireless charging to recognize the device.

7. Hover the phone vertically over the red indicator light, as it is more effective in pinpointing the charger over a larger surface area. The more centered the device is, the better. Does the red indicator light flash on when the table is plugged in?

6. If the indicator light does NOT flash on when you plug in the table, the issue is likely with the table or the connection to the power point.

7. Try removing the Smart table from the bracket and inserting it back to ensure it's in the correct position in the knock-in part of the bracket.


Device Compatibility

Only Qi devices are compatible with the charging tables.

To read the complete article about 'Charging Smart Table Compatibility', click here.

Speed of Charging

  • The speed of wireless charging depends on the device compatibility. Some phones support faster charging capability than others. King SMART tables provide 15W of power. For example, Apple has 7.5W while some versions of Android can support the full 15W of power.
  • Each device has a specification of compatibility: 5W, 10W, 15W - which refers to the speed at which it can receive.
  • If the phone only has 5W capability, that is the speed at which it will charge.
  • Apple has capped their maximum speed to 7.5W for non-Apple wireless chargers.

Note: Always check if your mobile device has not overheated, as it will not charge once placed on the charging table.





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